Privacy Policy

PostTo.Email Privacy Policy

Effective: 2019-04-01

Data Collection

PostTo.Email trys to collect as little information as possible to provide users with a good user experience.

PostTo.Email collects the following data:

User Email Address
Used to email the user any time the form they created is submitted.
Server Request Logs (IP address, URL, Request Size, Response Code, Error Message)
Used to diagnose performance, usage, and problems.
Form Submissions
Will be used in future to allow you to browse, search, and download posts for a form.

Third-Party Systems

PostTo.Email does not use any third-party tracking, analytics, or advertising,

PostTo.Email uses the following third party systems:

Digital Ocean
Provides Hosting
Provides DNS and Email

Cookies and Local Storage

PostTo.Email uses cookies to store the user's session id (.pte.session - used to maintain application/user state) and the ASP.Net Anti-XSRF cookie (.AspNetCore.Antiforgery.***).